Buying Property

Buying Property


We provide real estate and conveyancing services. Our experienced professionals have a wealth of knowledge and are ready to assist in a wide range of property transactions.

Whether you are buying a property for the first time, selling a family home or are an experienced investor, your conveyancing transaction will be managed by a qualified professional from start to completion.

We can help:

Land Sale Contract Review

Each Australian jurisdiction uses different standards for contracts and processes for real estate transactions. We are familiar with the rules and regulations of each state and can assist you wherever you are buying or located. We can review your contract, explain your legal and opt-out rights and help you make informed decisions.

Reviewing your purchase contract is an important part of your due diligence. You need to know exactly what you are getting and understand your legal rights and obligations before you enter into a binding transaction.

  • Some things may not be apparent when you physically inspect the property but may affect its use. For example, the contract (or documents attached to it) should specify any encumbrances registered on the title, e.g: Mortgages that need to be removed from the title before settlement.
  • Rights of access that run through, under or over the property and may affect your future plans.
  • Agreements that affect the use or development of the property, such as restrictions on the size of buildings, type of materials and design requirements.

You will need to make sure that the buildings comply with the requirements and that there are no outstanding notices from the local authority. Building and pest inspection reports prepared by a qualified surveyor are useful to comment on the condition of any structures on the property prior to purchase. These reports can highlight significant defects and can sometimes be used to negotiate a reduction in the purchase price.

In some countries, sellers are usually subject to mandatory disclosure requirements, but depending on the location of the property and the materials already available, you may need to carry out additional research to protect your interests.

Completing The Purchase

Once the contracts are legally binding, a number of tasks need to be carried out to ensure that you receive clear title and that the completion of the purchase goes as smoothly as possible. Some of these tasks include:

ordering additional searches with public authorities to see if they have an interest in the property.

Verifying your identity as required by law for all parties involved in a real estate transaction.

Arranging payment of stamp duty or assisting with an application for a first home owner’s grant or transfer tax relief.

Providing information to the lender so that it can prepare the loan agreement and mortgage and liaising with lenders to coordinate settlements.

liaising with the agent and the seller’s conveyancer or solicitor

Obtaining rate certificates and preparing settlement figures to submit to the seller’s conveyancer or solicitor.

Preparation of documents necessary for the transfer of ownership

Not "just" transferring the property...

Conveyancing is often seen as a ‘mundane’ area of law, and although it accounts for a large proportion of legal services in Australia, the stakes are high. The purchase of a property is likely to be one of the largest financial transactions you will undertake. There are strict time limits and the penalties for default or failure to complete a binding contract can be significant.

A conveyancing transaction requires an understanding of the complex property and contract laws and processes involved in transferring ownership from one party to another.

Different laws apply in each jurisdiction and it can be confusing to be familiar with them. We are real estate professionals with a deep understanding of the laws and processes in all states.